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02-05 Honda Civic SI EP3 Function Form Type 2 Coilovers

TYPE# 2 Adjustable Coilover *One year warranty. *32 Levels of dampning adjustment. *Dampning adjustments made with knob that "clicks" each level. *Steel Construction of lower mounts for maximum strength. *Adjustable camber plates (depends on application.) *Adjustables pillow mounts(depends on application.) *Adjustable ride height from the bottom mounts.(allows you to retain full shock travel while being able to lower the car significantly.) *Special oil lubrication to withstand conditions from -40celsius to 200celsius. *Dual tube shock design for maximum ride comfort. *Wireless dampening adjuster (Wi-damp) available for most applications. *Mcpherson strut piston size 50mm. *Double wishbone piston size 43mm.

FF2EP3Regular price: $1,300.00Sale price: $899.00

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