AFE Super Stock Intake System with DAS Pro-Dry S BMW E90 & E92 M3 08+

AFE Super Stock Intake System with DAS Pro-Dry S BMW E90 & E92 M3 08+

Super STOCK is a new approach to producing power. Itís ideal for the budget-minded enthusiast that wants a performance increase without replacing the factory air box. Super STOCK is aFe's easiest to install and most economical intake system. Super STOCK replaces the restrictive factory air tube with a high-flowing heat-blocking tube and custom couplings that provide a perfect fit. Super Stock also replaces the restrictive factory filter with an aFe High Performance filter.

Airflow to the stock filter element is restricted in the fully enclosed stock air box. However, the fully enclosed nature of the air box muffles the sound that is generated by air being sucked into the intake tract. With the Super Stock induction system, aFe sacrifices some of the potential power gain for more quiet power. Power is still gained by replacing other restrictive elements of the factory induction system such as the air filter and the intake tract.

Although the factory air box is retained, aFe improved airflow considerably by replacing the factory OE filter with a high flow, high performance replacement filter. The Magnum FLOW High Performance OE replacement filter is a multi-layer cotton gauze filter that is washable and reusable. With deep pleats and 100% polyurethane construction, dust holding capacity and reusability insures that this filter will be the last filter you will buy for your vehicle.

In addition to replacing the restrictive factory air filter, the Super Stock induction system improves airflow and performance by replacing the factory intake tube. The factory intake tube often has baffles, sharp bends, and obstructions that send out flow restricting wake like pebbles in a stream. Others have constrictions in the diameter that further impede airflow. The Super Stock intake tube is designed with large diameter, smooth transition that straightens the airflow into the throttle body or turbo inlet.

Although the factory air box is retained, the replacement of the factory air filter and intake tube results in improved airflow so that there is up to 10HP gain, improved throttle response, improved acceleration and better torque. The Super Stock induction system is easy to install taking less than 30 minutes to install. The result is quick, quiet and easy power at a economical price.

aFe's Dynamic Air Scoops (D.A.S.) help pick up 8 horsepower for the BMW 2008 M3 using the factory air box.

Features: # Tall round open pleats # Multi-layer progressive media # Oil free dry media # Limited lifetime warranty # High filtration efficiency # High performance # High flow # Longer service life # Easy-to-service dry media # 54% Flow Increase # +8 Horsepower # +6 lbs/ft of Torque

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