Display unit: W 80mm x H 22mm x D 18mm Control unit: W 80mm x H 22mm x D 70mm Cable Length: 1m. Features: Separate small display unit allows easy placement anywhere inside your dash, Pre-set Function, Auto Timer Function, Speedo Display, Clock display, battery voltage Display, Dual Safety Features.

The new GReddy Full Auto Timers pack tons of features in one economical, compact unit. In addition to two standard programmable count down presents (P-1, P-2) our timer also has two Auto Timer modes,(A-L, A-H) which estimates the driving RPM according to the vehicles alternator signal and then recommends a count down time. And now there is a Stopwatch/Lap Time mode, and Attack mode. There is also a built in Voltmeter and Speedometer. Still standard are the optional Parking Brake and Speedo Safety hook-ups.

Turbo Timer Harnesses

Easy to install plug-in adapter harnesses available for most Japanese Turbo vehicles.

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